Face-to-face meetings and marketing is still the most effective way to obtain new clients and markets and trade fairs are the most efficient way to achieve this goal. Business without borders is the new mantra of trade in the world and ICF Fairs & Org. does its part by creating opportunities for such meeting and marketing purposes.

The Company

ICF's primary activity field is to present its customers efficient and effective international trade fairs as a market expanding opportunity. Founded by experienced trade fair professionals ICF, informs and raises awareness of its customers about the markets and opportunities beyond the borders while the country is getting stronger and more stable in the global economy.

Experienced Team

This experienced professionals starts by determining the possible international exhibitions and analizing them according to ICF's customers' needs. This is followed by marketing and promoting these international trade fairs to its customers. ICF, also provides support to its customers before, during and after the exhibition. This support proves to be valuable for the participants for their future plans.


ICF, provides various exhibition related services in order to make exhibition experience as effective as it can be. In order to make the experience problem free every aspect of participation is supported by ICF or its solution partners. From transportation to special stands ICF is able to provide every service available to its clients without creating a serious distırbance in the budget allocated.